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About Us

About Us

Mitchell Demolition Ltd is a licensed, bonded and insured demolition company providing clients with progressive deconstruction services across Canada, the United States and Mexico for a broad range of project types, sizes and challenges.

In a crowded and constantly evolving marketplace, we know that finding the right partner across every aspect of the development value chain is more critical than ever.That is why we decided to be and act differently than anyone else in ‘the demolition business’.

Mitchell Demolition is demolition, redefined.

Drawing on an in-house collective of over 50 years of experience and leadership, we understand that what we do is not just about tearing down buildings, but opening the way for properties to evolve and respond to the changing needs of public and private spaces and the people that occupy them.

In this way, our strategic view of demolition and deconstruction service is more about building things up than taking them down.

We know that we are an important part of the building continuum and how we conduct ourselves and how we leave a property has impact. We also know that standards are changing, stereotypes are being broken, and service level expectations now go far beyond just being on-time and on-budget. In short, the construction and development business demands a higher level of agility and sophistication.

Enter Mitchell Demolition. Demolition redefined.

At Mitchell Demolition we think about the business of demolition differently and have redefined it in a way that allows for our experience and expertise to shine through.

Breaking from conventional thinking, we have elevated the practice and have re-imagined demolition as not just the deconstruction of, but rather, the evolution of a property that must be delivered safely, precisely and with the exceptional service that comes from managing even the smallest details.

In delivering on this proposition of enhanced delivery, we practice the following four key pillars as a foundation of our or culture:

  • A Zero Incident Safety Culture
  • Exceptional Service Delivery
  • Operating Beyond Compliance
  • A Strategic and Proactive Approach to Solutions


In fact, it has evolved and will continue to demand a higher level of sophistication in order to complete not only projects, but deliver a positive and memorable experience to stakeholders.

That includes owners, the surrounding public and the people that dwell in occupied spaces that are under construction.

At Mitchell Demolition we understand this and believe that being an exceptional company demands delivering both exceptional work and service.

While providing exceptional service is a lofty and oft stated goal, we believe it is achievable for every organization because exceptional service can be built from systems that you control, and with participants who share a common purpose.

In redefining demolition, we seek to not only manage the smallest things that others overlook, but to ensure that service is an ingrained part of the common culture of our people.In this way we are seeking to build stronger bonds with our clients.Through living our redefinition, we continue to break industry stereotypes and elevate expectations across the board.

How does a demolition company articulate this vision? Mitchell Demolitions proud to learn from others. Taking cues from all our successful clients, we listen, train and invest.

Example, for the past three years Mitchell Demolition has invested time and training commitments to The Disney Way.This comprehensive management training program encourages changes in organizational thinking and behavior through teaching the understanding of the key principles of safety, courtesy, show and efficiency. If changing the perception and providing the goods is key to our goal in the demolition sector, why not look to a system which has been delivering service for decades, The Walt Disney Company.

This is now a part of our philosophy as well. Again, at Mitchell Demolition we think about the business of demolition.

We are Demolition redefined.

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