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Mitchell Demolition provides a complete range of demolition and deconstruction services.

We use the best available technologies and rigorously adhere to industry standards across all elements of the work – from safety to environmental protection to sustainable process deployment.

Mitchell Demolition is always innovating and evolving and draws upon our internal expertise through an established network of partners to provide the following:


Mitchell Demolition Ltd is a licensed, bonded and insured demolition company providing clients with progressive deconstruction services across Canada, the United States and Mexico for a broad range of project types and in both unoccupied and occupied spaces. Our experience includes the completion of over thousands projects that span strategic demolition, building conversion, commercial revitalization and emergency demolition with each situation have unique demands but a singly consistently high standard of delivery and service. Project types have included:

  • Hospitals expansion & redevelopment
  • Retail revitalization
  • High-density urban de-construction
  • Historical preservation
  • Office and commercial redevelopment
  • Hazardous and contaminated material management
  • Derelict building demolition

This list is certainly not exhaustive and Mitchell Demolition prides itself on not only the breadth of our experience its but ability to innovate and meet new challenges and needs as the industry continues to evolve.

Brownfield Remediation

Brownfield remediation is often at the core of many demolition and redevelopment projects. It is not only making the land viable or increasing its capacity through below-grade excavation but the process will require the effective handing and re-purposing of remainder materials and aggregates.

Mitchell Demolition makes use of the most advanced technologies and methodologies to meet all related requirements with a strict adherence to ‘beyond-compliance’ standards for sustainability, environmental protection and, when required, hazardous and contaminated materials management.

Mitchell Demolition leverages both on-staff engineers and a network of leading consulting firms, government agencies and technology innovators to provide the best solutions for our clients that seek to maximize the potential and, ultimately, the value of their land.


Asset Recovery & Salvage

While land and location are the primary drivers of a developments value, property development on sites with existing foundations and structures can also hold the potential for re-purposing efficiencies, offsetting asset recovery, architectural salvage, and for-profit recycling.

When approaching each project, the Mitchell Demolition team evaluates and identifies such opportunities and assesses the impact of the potential recovery & salvage process against the relative gain when recommending the best, most cost effective approach for our client.

While this has been described in terms of cost and return, it is also about sustainability. Mitchell Demolition is a responsible company that has an obligation to play a part in the stewardship of environmentally sensitive practices and always seeks to maximize re-use, recovery and recycling opportunities. Overall, working with our clients, our goal is divert between 94 – 97% of building structures and legacy materials away from landfills.


Hazardous Material Abatement & Treatment

Not only is land finite and at a premium making maximum utilization a development priority, the treatment of hazardous material and contaminated soils implies a responsibility for public safety and the environment.

At Mitchell Demolition, we use the latest technologies, treatment equipment, and methodologies to approach hazmat challenges with the best resources and tools to maximize safety and efficiency. Further, as standards are always changing, we are proactive in looking to future technologies and systems that will yield new and more effective solutions to allow us to uniquely meet these challenges.

Mitchell Demolition is a member of Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario. Moreover, we employ and partner with environmental engineers to help us stay ahead of industry standards, and meet our ‘compliant-forward’ goals, a key part of our corporate philosophy.


Specialty Services & Equipment

Redefining demolition implies always seeking to deliver at the highest level of efficiency and standards within the industry.

As such, through our commitment and investment in innovation we have established ourselves as a technology leader that is uniquely able to partner on specialty projects by employing ‘bespoke’ equipment not commonly found within the industry.

This has allowed us to not only build our portfolio of specialty process projects in the traditional demolition marketplace but build specialized ‘situational’ practice in working in high-density areas and occupied spaces.


Our Approach

While we offer the entire range of services commonly found within the industry function, what makes Mitchell demolition different is our approach.

We understand that what we do is an important part of an overall project solution that is unique to each job. As such, we believe in investing in building a site specific plan with our client partners that determines a methodology designed to maximize safety, efficiency, compliance and overall outcome.

This includes the determination of such aspects as demolition methodology, deconstruction technique, equipment selection and modification, human resource deployment, project management processes and key site performance indicators.

In short, each unique mutually-agreed each plan governs the way that we work, evaluate success and measure the achievement of our constant goal of over-delivering on expectations.

As such, the tenure of Mitchell Demolition’s client relationships are typically measured in years, not months.

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